Martial Arts eBook Front Cover (1)

How to run a successful martial arts dojo 

Want to know the secrets to building a thriving martial arts business? Make more money by ensuring you identify the right customers, price your classes correctly and create a referral program that means you never have to pay a cent on marketing! 

Jam packed with handy hints and tips like workshop pricing and helpful ways to promote and grow your dojo. 

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So you want to run a successful martial arts business? 

Learning a martial art takes willpower, discipline, and persistence. Guess what! Those are the exact things you need to succeed in a business too. So running a dojo should be a cakewalk for an accomplished martial artist, right?

Martial Arts eBook Front Cover
Martial Arts eBook Front Cover (1)

Jam packed with over 47 helpful tips including

  • How to set goals to be successful 
  • How to identify your ideal customer 
  • How to design your class structure and offer 
  • How to fit into your niche 
  • How to reward loyalty

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